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Search Engine Optimisation, Digital & Online Marketing

Alex has worked in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online marketing implementation and strategy for over twenty years, having studied for his Chartered Institute of Marketing certification at Cambridge Marketing College. Starting out in the UK, his work has taken him to many corners of the world including the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, India, Nepal and the US. Our Accredited SEO Agency and Online Marketing Agency Marketing Clever launched in 2016... relocating to Tasmania in 2017 - and has worked with a number of small businesses nationally to help drive their growth and boost their sales.


“When we approached Alex, we were in a fairly stagnant phase with our business and needed help to expand. Once we’d spoken with Alex and listened to his initial ideas, coupled with his extensive experience…we knew that Marketing Clever was the right place for us. Within three months of him devising the strategy and forming it into a concise marketing plan, our business had grown by thirty percent – and we tripled our turnover within fifteen months. Alex is highly capable, very reliable and a pleasure to deal with.”

G/M Design

"When I met Alex, I asked him to write a strategy to help ramp up my dog walking business - Happy Tails Dog Walking. He came up with a three-phase online strategy as part of a staggered roll out. Initially, this focused on lifting the profile of my business and differentiating it from my competitors; highlighting my key message points, creating a shortened URL from the one I had, optimising my website for SEO, and creating a series of targeted email campaigns. It also included leveraging off a number of video assets that I'd made - to utilise in the positioning of my business via social media channels. It really helped me see how best to take my business forward."

Happy Tails Dog Walking

“Marketing can be a foreign and misunderstood subject for many small business owners. I approached Alex as I required advice in standing out and promoting my business to the local area. Alex helped by identifying our unique selling points, formulated a marketing strategy, and modified the plan as required to achieve the best results. As a result of Alex’s involvement, I now have a greater local presence and more people are seeking my business services. I liked working with Alex. Apart from being very personable, he is extremely capable, and I recommend other business owners to contact him. He will help you gain clarity, make a plan, and improve your business results.”

Elite Chiropractic 

"Alex worked for me as Global Marketing Manager at SAI Global.  He brought much needed expertise and skills around digital marketing at a time when it was becoming clear that our traditional channels to market were no longer sustaining the growth we needed.  Alex is good humoured, talented, professional and easy to work with. He'd be an asset to any business looking to grow and increase customers through a multi-channel marketing strategy."

General Manager, Small Business

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